A majority of Americans surveyed think the digital art craze is more than just a fad and that NFTs are the ‘next big thing’

Source | Business Insider

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have soared in popularity in 2021. Artworktweets, and news columns turned into digital art have fetched millions of dollars at auction.

In an online survey conducted in the last week of March, 59% of Americans surveyed said they believe NFTs are more than a fad, and will be “the next big thing”. Counterparts in the UK, meanwhile, were less certain, with 33% of Britons responding that its a passing fad.

18% of Americans surveyed believe the market for digital art is a bubble waiting to burst. Still, a large percentage – 61% of Americans and 54% of Britons – view the nascent space in a positive light.

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