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Phase One – Building the Platform

Non-Fungible Tokens have completely disrupted the world of art, music and creativity. NFT Links Co is one man’s obsession with non-fungible tokens and how this benefits the global community. The Blockchain technology is about to transform our interactions with personal data and storage. Crypto currencies and NFT’s are merely components of the open source technology. Non-Fungible Token have opened new eyes to the potential of expanded markets for creative projects.

NFT Links Co is a news curated portal managed by a human being and not keyword driven software. I seek out the most interesting news for you to digest at leisure. This is a user friendly portal designed for absolute beginners and experts alike. The NFT and crypto world can be a mine field for the unprepared. NFT Links Co is a one-stop platform with tips, guides and information that will help you see through the digital mist. 

This is the first NFT News Portal of its kind in Europe and possibly the world! Tried to find another on search engines and found nothing like NFT Links Co.

Phase Two – Expansion

I’m accepting news articles from submissions obtained via the website and email to build our own NFT Links Co blog. Delivering news written by a variety of individuals involved in the business of NFT. The expansion includes a video / audio podcast. Who are the leading lights in this industry and how do they see the future for creative folks and blockchain technology such as NFT’s. Experts and influential faces will be invited to appear on the podcast and share their insight.

NFT Founder (Some Background)

I (Wayne Anthony) co-founded London Street-Art Design Magazine aka LSD Magazine in 2008. A network dedicated to international street art graffiti, music, urban sports and the wider culture. What started as a publication evolved into a global platform which promotes art, artists, events, paint jams, music producers and more. LSD Magazine is still a thriving platform today with a current blog and organic social media presence. The Facebook page has over half million followers including the most respected street art graffiti artists on the planet. 

Non-Fungible Tokens only recently appeared on my radar (March 2021). The concept of crypto-currencies isn’t new to me, l first read about the future of money in 1996, from a non-fictional book written in 1989. It was hard to fathom mid-nineties but soon became crystal clear. I stayed away from crypto until today, where it now appears globally viable and inevitable. 

My first website was published in 1995, my record label was one of the first online, soon after i created E-Groups (social media of the time) on the Yahoo platform, the E-Groups were only recently discontinued by Yahoo. By 1998 l launched an ISP which gave free access to the internet for everyone. Yes, that’s right, most people had paid accounts such as AOL to access the internet. I’ve helped launch two social media platforms inspired by Facebook. Spent time as a video content provider and tester for new products and services from major Electronic companies.

I first found fame staging large scale events in the UK during the pioneering stages of Acid House (Rave Culture) 1988-1990. I’ve written two cult status books published by Virgin in 1998 and 1999. The first title Class of 88 was reissued by Virgin Books in 2018.  I’ve appeared in countless documentaries on national tv and international networks. My name appears in over fifty published books on Acid House and Rave Culture. Secondhand copies of my book was selling for up to £500 on Amazon for two decades. I recently made history by minting the first Acid House Rave NFT and I have a collection called Only Love Conquers Hate minting into NFT. My intention is to mint and produce limited edition collectible art and memorabilia byway of NFT for the oncoming future.

I’ve lived and spent lots of time in various countries and worked in large event management, film, tv, music production, IT, and other such industries. I’ve worked with governments as a Goodwill Ambassador on international projects such as the Twinning of County Kerry (Rep. Ireland) with Lesotho in South Africa. Here i spent six months in total where l met with African Royalty, tribe leaders, major charity directors, captain’s of industry and a host of political figures.

I first coined the term ‘Old School New Technology’ in 1995 and continue to use it today… Drop me a line or send NFT for my collection… Wayne Anthony

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