AirWire Launches The First NFT Camera

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Shoot, Convert to NFT and Sell in the Airwire Marketplace

Thanks to AirWire, the NFT Camera App now features a Double Wallet and an integrated NFT Marketplace. Ken DiCross, CEO/Founder of AirWire, remarked, “We’ve created an entire and complete suite around NFTs.” It’s as simple as taking a picture, minting it in 15 seconds, and selling or keeping it private. We lowered the barrier to entry and addressed a number of difficulties that other NFT marketplaces have.” Tobe Nwigwe, a well-known independent rap artist and actor, has partnered up with Airwire shortly after launching his MONUMINTAL Tour. With over 1.3 million Instagram followers and millions of YouTube views, Tobe is one of the most well-known artists in the world.


* A first-to-market app that is light years ahead of current offerings.  

* An easy-to-access marketplace to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.  

* No coding or blockchain knowledge required, just a few clicks!  

* The ability to move your NFT to whichever platform you choose.  

* No high gas fees here, mint your NFTs for no cost!

Customers may quickly and easily capture and save their most treasured moments with AirWire’s NFT Camera. AirWire’s decentralised NFT Media Storage allows you access to anything, including profile photos, nature photos, private moments, and personal identification. Users may use editing tools and premium filters to enrich their assets and get the perfect shot. It only takes two clicks to convert the asset to an NFT. Airwire also has a robust Marketplace where both new and seasoned users can monetize their valuable NFTs.

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