Amber Vittoria Debut NFT Drop

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Two Colourful Collections on Opensea

Amber Vittoria is a New York-based artist who uses a colourful palette to reflect nature’s numerous abstracted shapes and curves to empower the feminine mystique. Vittoria has joined the NFT company with two colourful collections on OpenSea after working with customers ranging from Gucci to Aesop. “Final Forms” for example, is a collection of 50 unique NFTs that depict the ageing process. The series investigates the idea that the cosmos would gradually turn us into the entity we were meant to be before we rejoin the universe as a result of our experiences.

“The Alphabet Collection” is less abstract and more poetic. There are 260 possible NFTs because each of the 26 letters is available in ten different colour palettes. Vittoria has set up a Discord channel for collectors who produce a five-letter word to contact her, after which she will send them a customised NFT of the word they generated. The artist talks about how the spoken word “humanises and strengthens the connection of her work for others,” according to the artist. The price of each piece of art varies, starting at 0.2 ETH ($677.19).

  • Amber Vittoria Debut NFT 2
  • Amber Vittoria Debut NFT
  • Amber Vittoria Debut NFT
  • Amber Vittoria Debut NFT

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