Aphex Twin hid something “special” in his NFT

Source | Crack Magazine

Earlier this month, Aphex Twin joined the growing list of electronic music artists selling off artwork in the form of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

Aphex Twin’s NFT sold for 72 ETH, which at point of sale equated to $136,349.28. The digital artwork, entitled afx\/weirdcore\blockscannerwas created by Aphex Twin and long-time collaborator and visual artist Weirdcore. It also featured “additional technical input” from digital artist Freeka Tet.

This weekend, Freeka Tet posted a new video online detailing how to unlock something “special” hidden within the NFT. He explains how to locate and extract what appears to be a hacked file with more items or goods inside. Some fans also noticed a Dropbox folder with a date: 14 April 2021. This may be a teaser for a forthcoming Aphex Twin project, as well as a reference to Aphex Twin’s 2001 track Avril 14th.

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