Art in orbit: Kevin Abosch takes NFTs to the stars

Source | CoinTelegraph

New project will leverage a satellite to study climate change and create and distribute NFTs

The phrase “NFTs are going to the stars” gets a new meaning today as Irish conceptual artist (and one of Cointelegraph’s Top 100 in Blockchain 2020) Kevin Abosch has announced the planned launch of a orbital satellite dubbed “1111 KOSMOS.” 

The announcement comes shortly after the conclusion of a related NFT drop, Abosch’s 1111 series. A collection of 1111 NFT-backed images, the artist’s website hinted that the pieces would be a gateway to a larger project, and that “over time it will be revealed how communities from around the world can interact with the work.”

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Abosch referred to 1111 KOSMOS as one of what will be many “activations” for the original 1111 series, and as “a guiding star of sorts for the collectors as a whole.”

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