Boy George to release new music and art as NFT

Source | EDM Global Producers

Boy George is the latest artist to release work as non-fungible tokens (NFT), with exclusive music and visual art on its way

The musician has signed a deal with cryptocurrency trading site to produce content for their new NFT platform.

“I think life turned me into art,” Boy George said of the deal. “My role models were both artistic types and hard working types. I’ve painted myself and others. I have painted myself into a corner. I love metaphors and mystery and crypto sound like klepto so that makes me a crypto maniac.

“Art is like a partner? Can you live with it? Digital art is a new emotion and it can be very musical. I’m mixing all of the things I do together, music, art, fashion, poetry and anything else it leads to. I have stopped refusing to be influenced.”

Other artists to join’s initiative include Snoop Dogg, viral sea shanty singer Nathan Evans, and Lionel Richie.


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