Brooklyn Artist Blake Jamieson Makes $46,000 from NFTs Sales in Six Weeks

Source | CoinSpeaker

Jamieson created his arts by using high-resolution images of his previous works and minting them to be uploaded on the NFT marketplaces for sale. 36-year-old Brooklyn artist Blake Jamieson has made over $46,000 in about six weeks from selling (NFTs) Non-fungible tokens. Jamieson started selling his NFTs from the beginning of February till Mid-March on digital art marketplaces like SuperRare and OpenSea.

Over the past weeks, the NFT market has been bubbling with artists, celebrities, and firms making their debuts into the space. Also, there have been several record sales of NFTs since the trend started. Auction company Christie’s became the first to sell an NFT. Bidding for digital art started at $100 on the 25th of February and eventually sold at over $63 million on the 18th of February.


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