Civil Rights Giant Dr. Clarence B. Jones Drops NFT

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Dr Jones Commemorates His Time with Dr King and the Civil Rights Movement

Clarence B. Jones, Martin Luther King Jr.’s lawyer, counsellor, and speechwriter, and friend, has created a collaborative NFT series remembering the March on Washington. Jones’ NFT series began on August 28th, the 58th anniversary of the March on Washington, and the first auction in Jones’ Last Civil Rights Lion’s Collection is currently live at OpenSea. You’re forgiven if you’ve never heard of Clarence B. Jones. Despite helping to write the “I Have a Dream” speech for the 1963 March on Washington, he negotiated in the hellscape of Cellblock D during the infamous Attica Prison Riot (which has its 50th anniversary next week). As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s personal attorney, draught speechwriter, and confidant, he worked in the shadows and made it his mission to stay out of the limelight.

Dr. Jones is going public as he approaches his ninety-first birthday. He describes himself as “the last of the Civil Rights lions.” “It’s also the lion’s job to tell his storey. The hunters, on the other hand, deserve all the credit.” He is using current technologies to reach and teach new groups of individuals all over the world in order to propagate his message. Stuart Connelly, Dr. Jones’ writing and producing partner, warns, “Don’t let ninety fool you.” “Dr. Jones does not appear to be slowing down. His interest in NFTs is just the latest evidence of his ability to stay ahead of the curve throughout his life in order to further Martin Luther King’s message.”

Dr Clarence Jones & Dr Martin king

Jones agrees, and he is still a professor at the University of San Francisco. “Only about half of all homes had a phone in 1931, and television was considered science fiction. I’ve had the fortunate privilege of witnessing technology advancements up close and personal, and I’m always eager to welcome the new ones. I’ve visited many different frontiers, and bitcoin is undeniably the financial tool of the future, just as NFTs are the new frontier for all types of collectors.”

In addition to possessing the stylish item, which includes the original copyright certificate for Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech submitted for him by Dr. Jones, the winning bidder will be granted an exclusive meeting with Dr. Clarence B. Jones. “I’m looking forward to congratulating the winner,” Jones says. “I’ll tell them that obtaining a piece of history while investing in a brighter future – a better world – for all would have made Dr. King ecstatic.”

While books are a traditional way to tell the storey of the Civil Rights Movement — Jones has written three, with a new autobiography, Last of the Lions, set to be released next year – he believes that films are a superior way to tell it. When people’s lives are on the line, Jones has learned that they truly “lean into” his message. It’s a “new realm of deep involvement,” he says. “This gamification is a powerful medium for following treasures, bidding on, chasing, and constructing a unique collection.”

DR Clarence Jones NFT

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