Climate-Positive Crypto Art: The Next Big Thing Or NFT Overreach?

Source | Forbes

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been touted as a solution to everything from selling illiquid assets such as real estate to counterfeiting. In the latest use case being advanced, digital art, represented as NFTs, has the potential to counter climate change and drive a more sustainable digital economy. Are NFTs a panacea for many of the world’s woes, or will we look back on this period as another episode of collective madness, fueled by crypto collectors with more money than sense?

NFTs As A Force for Good

As the world is going digital, with virtual displacing physical, NFTs have emerged as the solution to a smorgasbord of problems. If their architects are to be believed, NFTs are capable of aligning incentives between artists and fans; facilitating provable scarcity; transforming e-gaming; and powering a burgeoning economy for digital collectibles.

But can NFTs really support climate change – a malaise they currently stand accused of exacerbating?


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