Crypto Music and Audio NFT’s Are a Thing Now. Here’s how to make your own

Source | House of BlackMoore

I remember a few years ago when blockchain tech and cryptocurrency first took the mainstream world by storm. Ethereum’s smart contract technology was being discussed by a tech reporter on some web series and they went on talking about how blockchain technology could revolutionize music and art distribution. At the time, It sounded awesome but I honestly had no idea what any of it meant. Fast forward to 2020 and NonFungible Tokens are taking the crypto world by storm! I can now see and experience that art revolution in progress and it’s all pretty wild.

Earlier this year I created my first NFT. It was a 3D rendered still portrait called ‘The Programmer’ and tbh I had no idea if it would sell or not. A small bidding war happened and eventually it sold! So I figured that I may have stumbled onto something good. At the time GIF NFT’s were gaining popularity so eventually I minted a GIF piece that sold for a bit more. Eventually the MP4 NFT became a thing and now mp3 audio NFT’s have found become a reality. Things move really fast in the crypto universe!


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