Discord Plays With Idea of NFT’s & Crypto Infusion


Discord May Incorporate NFT’s & Crypto on Their Platform

NFT communities are long established on Discord, but the company may have big ambitions to strengthen those ties. Jason Citron, the founder and CEO of Discord, tweeted a screenshot showing Discord connecting to MetaMask, a major crypto wallet service, and WalletConnect, an open protocol used by a number of companies. Citron used the NFT Twitterverse expression “probably nothing,” which means “huge deal” in shorthand.

Wallet support appears to be in its early stages for the time being. Citron would not say how a potential coin integration would work or how serious Discord is about studying cryptocurrency integrations.

“We’re constantly studying and hacking away at things we think will improve Discord for all the communities we serve,” a Discord spokeswoman told TechCrunch. The image was captured at a recent hackathon.

Discord’s interest in integrating crypto capabilities into its social chat software may appear speculative at first glance, but if Ethereum support is added, the company’s objectives might go far beyond money. Discord users were recently polled on their thoughts on NFTs.


Discord is a smart company that recognises how people are already using NFTs to express their digital identities. Discord is a text and voice chat tool in which your avatar serves as your primary means of expressing your identity – something that NFTs are currently obsessed with. On Twitter and Discord, NFT aficionados have already decided which of their rarest — and often most expensive — NFTs to use as their PFP (profile picture). If MetaMask compatibility is added, Discord might become a platform where people can display their NFTs in galleries linked to user profiles or choose “certified” avatar photographs, with ownership secured by the blockchain.

The company is particularly well positioned to capitalise on its growing Web3 market, which many believe will be characterised by a surge of decentralisation, digital commodities, and ownership-based virtual identities. Discord, on the other hand, is currently performing well.

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