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The World is Yours Tony – DopeWarz

In the early 1990s, MS-DOS was the operating system of choice, and the first video games were being developed. One of the games that stood out the most was DrugLord. It piqued the curiosity of a generation of students who had access to library computers and competed to be the lunchtime kingpin. Over the next 20 years, video games expanded into a multibillion-dollar industry, with multibillion-dollar investments like Grand Theft Auto. The impact of bitcoin and blockchain on gaming, on the other hand, could not have been predicted.

Game creators may now share the success of their titles with their players thanks to the arrival of blockchain and the revolution of NFTs, resulting in the most efficient and equitable means of game advertising. When you buy an NFT, you gain ownership of it, the ability to resell it, and the ability to grow the value of its gaming assets when additional players join the game.

DopeWarz Game

DopeWarz intends to create a metaverse with an in-game virtual economy that mirrors supply and demand dynamics in cities all over the world, mixing the thrilling and addictive factor of being a gangster for a day with the opportunity to obtain real-world tradeable commodities.

For drug trades, players will be able to earn $DDZ (DirtyDollarz), and their time investment will be turned into upgrades to their DOPEZ & DOZ, which will be tradeable on the Black Market as Binance Smart Chain NFTs. To improve gameplay, convert $DDZ to $DWZ, the local governance and utility token, or buy BLOCKZ to make passive revenue and influence the government.

DopeWarz Game

The game’s focus will be on the virtual economy. The company is developing features for the in-game Drugz that will allow it to establish dynamic supply and demand models. Players will be able to trade, elude the cops, and conduct business in other Cityz.

In New York City, the game will be released. Before the first game, they’ll sell the 1,000 available Blockz for the city on their Black Market. Following the introduction of the City, more Cityz from around the world will be introduced as the game progresses, including Shanghai, London, LA, Paris, and many more.

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