Dorota Rabczewska Selling Intimate Body Parts as NFT’s

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Dorota Rabczewska Splits Body Parts into 406 NFT’s

A Polish singer claims to be the first person in the world to sell digitalised bits of her body as NFTs, including her lips, nipples, and G-spot. Dorota Rabczewska, commonly known as Doda, developed a 3D scan of her entire body, which she then divided into 406 different parts, which are now available as Non-Fungible tokens. 

Dorota Rabczewska NFT

Doda is a well-known and well-recognised singer in Poland, and CNN named her one of the top ten most famous Poles in history. ‘Fans can now possess a piece of Doda’s lovely left foot, her unbanded index finger, her shapely right breast, her G-spot, or even her amazing grin (if you buy both lips),’ according to Fanadise, the company that organised the sale. The first NFTs to be offered for sale are pieces of the singer’s back and arms, which start at £145.

The company’s ‘rarest’ physical parts, including Doda’s G-spot, lips, nipples, and eyes, will be auctioned off next, with bids starting at £73,000 and going up from there. Doda’s 3D scan, according to The Business, is “the most recent phenomena in the international explosion of possibilities given by NFTs, revealing a new degree of engagement between stars and their following.”

Dorota Rabczewska NFT

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