Fan Controlled Football Introduces The Ballerz Collective NFTs


Take Control Of Two Professional American Football Teams

The Ballerz Collective is Fan Controlled Football’s (FCF) first NFT collection. FCF is the only professional sports league in the world that allows fans to make decisions. The FCF will be the first professional sports league to govern two expansion clubs purely by fan collectors who own one of their team’s unique, all-access Ballerz Collective NFTs. To better the Ballerz Collective’s experience, real-world advantages and benefits will be incorporated into the Ballerz NFTs. Just a few of the privileges include voting control for player drafting, game-day play calling, replay review, team & league operations, VIP events, and game tickets. NFT holders will also enjoy unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to their team’s ownership, coaches, and players. 

The Ballerz Collective NFTs will make their debut in collaboration with each team’s new ownership group of blockchain community titans.  The first is owned and controlled by Steve Aoki, a well-known singer and producer, and 888, a crypto and NFT industry leader. The second will be led by the Knights of Degen, a gang of self-described gamblers who spend their days at the Degen Tavern sports bar betting on everything and anything.

Ballerz NFT holders get a seat at the table for all front-office decisions made by new expansion teams, including naming the team, designing the logo and uniforms, drafting players, calling plays in real time, and more. For members of the Ballerz Collective, the Fan Controlled Football Discord channel acts as a focus for all Ballerz NFT collector news, updates, timelines, and early access to team stock sales via Republic.

Mint Passes and Baller Collective NFTs will be available for purchase on

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