How NFTs Became Art, and Everything Became an NFT

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Pascal Boyart is a Parisian street artist. In January 2019, in a working-class neighbourhood, he painted a mural inspired by Eugène Delacroix’s masterpiece, “Liberty Leading the People.” He gave it a modern twist. Boyart swapped the 19th century French rebels (the ones toppling King Charles X) with the “yellow-jacket” protesters who, depending on whom you ask, were either fighting for justice or inciting riots and burning the city. The French authorities were not pleased. They quickly painted over Boyart’s mural with a coat of harmless gray, blotting his message from existence.

“Today, the physical mural doesn’t exist. But it still exists with NFTs, and with value,” Boyart tells me from Paris. “This is very satisfying.”

Boyart minted a non-fungible token (NFT) version of the mural, dividing it into 100 pieces and selling each one for 0.5 ETH. He would sell more NFTs. Many more.

Pascal Boyart NFT Mural
Pascal Boyart NFT Mural


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