How Women Are Carving Out a Space of Their Own in the NFT Market

Source | Vogue

A few days ago, the first NFT, or “non-fungible token,” digital home was sold for 288 units of the cryptocurrency Ether (more than $500,000) on SuperRare, a marketplace for single-edition digital art. The piece, called Mars House, is an experience in augmented reality, a digitally enhanced version of a real home designed as a modern, glass-walled structure. A 3D tour of the house features a combination of sound and visual effects intended to create a feeling of calm and well-being. Krista Kim, the creator of Mars House, who came into the NFT space in 2020, describes her record-breaking sale as a demonstration of a near future where art will be displayed as virtual 3D pieces, sold in order to be projected in homes and outdoor spaces, or even made to float in the sky.

Krista Kim | NFT Artist | Mars House


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