IoI Creates a Revolutionary NFT Gaming Platform Together With Matic and Arkane Partner That Brings NFT via PayPal to Everyone

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Related to the recent partnerships announced between Trade Race Manager (TRM) and Polygon Network blockchain solution (Matic) and Arkane Network, we talked with CEO Rastislav Bakala. We asked him a couple of questions about the game.

Can you shortly explain the game?

Trade Race Manager is the gaming blockchain platform connecting traders and gamers thanks to Defi & NFT tools. We would like to emphasize the play2earn model where everybody has the same odds to win or earn rewards.

The basic idea is that you trade with a racing car, and every race car is holding a different portfolio according to your choice. We have a free version with some of the functions enabled and premium paid membership, but you cover your membership costs if you follow the daily tasks.

How long have you been developing the Trade Race Manager project?

The original idea arose more than two years ago since we are a team of blockchain enthusiasts and traders with a finance experience background.

We have created the first game version with 2D car models on the Tron blockchain, and currently, we are moving to the Polygon Network (Matic) already with a partnership announced and upgrading with NFTs, 3D car models built in Unity. There will be two versions, one still on Tron since we have a community there and the second one with NFTs, 3D models on Polygon.

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