Justin Sun Establishes JUST NFT Fund

Source | Bein Crypto

The stated mission of the fund is to mint the world’s top artists on the blockchain

Tron Founder and BitTorrent CEO Justin Sun has established the JUST NFT Fund to bring publicity and legitimacy to the NFT market.

Sun said that the fund intends to mint the world’s top artworks on the blockchain. He said he would be working with high-profile artists to serve as consultants for the fund. “JUST NFT will build a bridge between blockchain and the world’s top artists, supporting the growth of native NFT artists in the world of crypto,” Sun said.


As the recent interest in NFTs has skyrocketed, traders have become apprehensive about lower quality work flooding the market. The JUST NFT Fund seeks to allay these concerns by focusing primarily on perceived as having long-term market value. 

To this end, the fund is focusing on the world’s top artists and artworks. In practice, this means the fund will acquire work for no less than $1 million, with a median price of around $10 million. The fund will also include art market experts from traditional institutions such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.


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