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NFT Project ‘Keys To the Universe’ Live Now

‘Keys to the Metaverse,’ an NFT project, is a game-changer according to the press release. These are a collection of one-of-a-kind keys that are generated and stored on the Blockchain. At first, 4000 one-of-a-kind keys will be available to NFT fans. As a collectible, each key will have a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. The keys are meant to represent future possibilities on the one hand, but they are also meant to honour ancient wisdom and beliefs on the other.

Each key in the series has its own set of characteristics, properties and blockchain address. Each key has its own visual imprint, from key colour, head, and type to distinct markers. 

The three primary categories in which the keys are grouped are Genesis, Evolution, and Revolution. Different keychains for different sorts of keys are made as the collection expands. Each key comes with its own chain, key fob, and other accessories. The key heads and key fobs were designed with notions that are a visual and mental feast for the spectator. Simply looking up those precise qualities on the internet will show what the head and key fob represent. 

Keys to the Metaverse


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