Klaytn’s New NFT Minting Platform

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KrafterSpace Mints NFTs without Gas Fees

Ground X, the company behind the public blockchain platform Klaytn, has announced the launch of ‘KrafterSpace,’ a new NFT minting service that simplifies the creation and administration of NFTs for everyone.

Users may quickly and easily create and manage digital objects with KrafterSpace. By uploading an image or video file to Klaytn, anyone may create an NFT in seconds. This method doesn’t require any gas. Users can then select to have their NFTs displayed alongside those of other users on KrafterSpace’s main page.

KrafterSpace can be accessed through Kaikas, a web browser extension wallet that links to the Klaytn network. Users can store NFTs with Kaikas accounts, which are also supported by OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. By synchronising their OpenSea accounts with Kaikas wallet, users can begin trading Klaytn-powered NFTs.

Klaytn is the first public blockchain platform supported by OpenSea, following Ethereum. Among the Klaytn-based NFTs now available on OpenSea are game and sports-related NFTs produced by blockchain services Five Stars for Klaytn, Honor of Kingdoms, and Project WITH.

In the near future, more collectibles, digital arts, and game items will be available for peer-to-peer trading.

“We invite users, artists, and creators to use Klaytn to simply develop and maintain their NFTs, as well as communicate with the wider NFT community around the world,” stated Jason Han, CEO of Ground X.

To access KrafterSpace, go to the official website. Kaikas is also available from the Google Chrome Web Store.

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