Legendary Skateboarder Tony Hawk to Sell NFT of Trick Footage

Source | BTC Wired Tony Hawk joints a rising list of celebrities digitizing & selling their figurines as non-fungible tokens. The skateboarding icon tactics to auction a film of the previous time he did the Ollie 540 – the trick he first grasped 32 years ago.

Ethernity Chain to Mint & Sale the Digital Collectible as NFT Boom Hurries

On the heels of many blockbuster NFT sales by entertainers, celebrities, artists, & crypto evangelists, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk is usual to auction his digital collectible at a still unexpected time & date. The 52-year old pop-culture icon proclaimed on Instagram that he had finished his final performance of the 540-degree “Ollie” that he property-owning first in 1989, underscoring the scare & hazard of doing the trick. On Twitter, he further, ‘Did my last ever ollie 540 today. You can liken it to my first one 32 years ago. This one meant a lot to me.’ Rendering to the pro skateboarder, @tweestophers, angle of the shot of him implementation the trick would be cast as an NFT on the Ethernity Chain & auctioned. Ethernity, a quickly increasing NFT blockchain network, is recognized for its social bent, given that all NFTs auctions donate a helping of the profits to charitable reasons. The network has lately been tasked with building a group of Muhammad Ali NFTs to advantage the Ali Center.
Tony Hawk | NFT
(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)


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