Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi sees a digital transformation and is selling as an NFT

Source | Design Boom

Author and art historian ben lewis creates an NFT out of a reimagined version of leonardo da vinci’s salvator mundi. the move marks a continued review of the exploitative injustices of the art market, harkening back to his 2019 publication ‘the last leonardo,’ which tracks the journey of what has become the most expensive painting ever to be sold at auction. when the portrait was discovered in 2005 at a small auction house in new orleans — in poor condition and heavily overpainted — it was sold by basil hendry for just $1,175 to dealers robert simon and alex parish. after a painstaking restoration and authentication, the pair sold it for $80 million, after which it was immediately resold for $127.5 million. in late 2017, leonardo’s salvator mundi it had made its way to christies where it was auctioned for $450 million — 571,000 times what its owners in louisiana received twelve years prior.

Leonardo da Vinci | NFT


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