Live Crypto Bidding for NFTs at Christie’s

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World Famous Auction House Offers Live ETH Bidding

At an upcoming auction, Christie’s, the world’s most prestigious auction house, has announced that live Ethereum bidding will be available. A future auction at Christie’s Sale House in London will feature some of the world’s first non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The auction will feature live Ether bids for the first time, making it the first of its kind (ETH). Starting on October 1, Christie’s will conduct the “Post-War to Present” sale, which will comprise approximately 200 works of art. The artwork on display will span the postwar era to contemporary digital art.

The art sale’s highlights include a series of works by Wayne Thiebaud from the Frances Hamilton White Trust Collection. The collection’s “Tomato Bowl” and “Ridge Valley Farms Study” are expected to sell for around $1 million each. Every piece of Thiebaud in Frances’ collection was purchased straight from the artist’s workshop. The collection’s finest achievement is Helen Frankenthaler’s Warming the Wires, which is estimated to be worth between $1.5 and $2 million. The collection includes works by Joan Mitchell, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, and Andy Warhol.


A set of 31 NFTs is available for purchase in addition to the physical pieces. The collection includes a complete set of 30 curio cards from the uncommon 17b editions. The fact that these curio cards were among the first works of art created on the Ethereum blockchain further adds to their value. The cards were created by Thomas Hunt, often known as Mad Bitcoins, who has been a supporter of NFTs since 2017. Cryptograffiti, Phneep, Luis Buenaventura, and Marisol Vengas contributed artwork to the project.

The cards are part of a wider collection called “My Curio Cards.” The collection is the sixth-ranked NFT project in OpenSea’s marketplace, despite its lack of fame. The note auction will also be unique in that it will be performed entirely in Ether, with live Ether bids accepted. This is the first time a major auction house has offered live ether bids, according to Christie’s.

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