McDonald’s China Drops Big Mac NFT


McDonald’s Big Mac NFT Dropped in China

McDonald’s China has released its first NFT, the “Big Mac Rubik’s Cube,” yesterday. This introduction coincides with McDonald’s 31st anniversary in the Chinese mainland market. The NFT launch also marks the official opening of the burger franchise’s new headquarters facility on Shanghai’s west bank. The Big Mac Cube is a three-dimensional token inspired by the new headquarters building as well as Mcdonalds’ brand spirit, which is reflected by the colour scheme of red, orange, and yellow. McDonald’s China has announced that 188 “Big Mac Cube” tickets will be given away to its employees and customers.

As the NFT craze spreads throughout the internet, food and beverage companies are following suit to reap the rewards. This year, companies such as Budweiser and Taco Bell joined the NFT market. Budweiser updated its Twitter display picture to a hand-drawn beer rocket NFT that it purchased for 8 Ethereum (ETH), which was around $26,000 at the time, in August. The chain also paid 30 ETH ($100,000 at the time) to register the Ethereum domain name beer.eth. Taco Bell gained internet fame earlier this year when it announced the sale of taco-themed GIFs and photos on Rarible.

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