Meet FN Meka, the World’s First AI Robot Rapper Who Sells NFTs

Source | Daily Beast

FN Meka has more than 9 million TikTok followers, released three songs, and recently sold a Lamborghini porta-potty NFT for $6,500

Rapper FN Meka is certainly a product of his times. He drives a gold-plated Rolls-Royce, a Gucci-print Tesla truck, and a slime green Lamborghini. On TikTok, where he has racked up 9 million followers, he smirks as he sits between a woman’s legs and is hand-fed grapes off a vine as a stack of $100 bills are thrown over him.

FN Meka seems to follow the modus operandi of other outrageous young musicians attempting to break into the music scene: the flashier, the better. The only difference is that FN Meka isn’t technically real; rather, he’s the self-proclaimed first artificial intelligence robot rapper.

FN Meka | AI Rapper


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