META_VS: Special Crypto Art Event with Rare Digital Art backed by NFTs

Source |  Juxtapoz

MakersPlace // April 05, 2021 – April 10, 2021

In the craze of NFT news that has basically taken over the entirety of art news of 2021, what has been lost is what are the possibilities of the platform and these digital universes and not just the incredible sales numbers. I’ll be honest, I’ve probably spent more time looking at the NFT market than perhaps some of the art that is being made (which much of it is worthy of a shrug) to things that are beginning to make a little bit more clearer of what the future can hold. One of the events that is worth checking out is META_VS, on “view” now through April 10th, called :a group exhibition that aims to inspire a new generation of collectors and art enthusiasts and offer an opportunity to purchase rare digital art from well established artists backed by NFTs and blockchain.” 


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