Mintology The World’s First Curated NFT Launchpad

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Community & Marketplace for Artists and Creatives Launching End of September

Mintology is creating the world’s first curated NFT launchpad, complete with a kickstarter and an online marketplace where artists and producers can sell their digital creations as soon as they are minted. They’ll be ready to launch by the end of September 2021. The problem for artists and makers is that there is no easy way for them to connect with others after minting their NFTs. Mintology is the next stage for these creators. In a word, Mintology is the IEO of NFTs: users may directly promote their digital assets on an NFT exchange, allowing them to reach out to potential buyers searching for a curated range of digital assets.

Mintology not only makes it easy for creators to start minting their NFTs, but it also provides them with the resources they need to succeed. This frees up artists and musicians to focus on what they do best: making art and music, rather than running a business. This is similar to how IEOs (Initial Exchange Offerings) and IDOs (Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings) have democratised access to capital for aspiring entrepreneurs by allowing them to debut directly on cryptocurrency exchanges. Mintology is a marketplace where creators may mint and sell digital assets to the NFT community. When a vendor lists an artwork on the marketplace, it becomes available for purchase.


By putting their work on Mintology, artists and producers can mint NFTs and sell them on Mintology’s carefully curated launchpad and subsequent NFT marketplace. After they’ve minted their NFT, anyone can buy it for a set price on the marketplace using one of the supported cryptocurrencies. Any valuable digital asset should have one major benefit over its physical counterpart: rapid liquidity. Artists and creators will be able to mint their assets right on the NFT launchpad and have them published in the Mintology marketplace without having to go through the trouble of manually publishing them once the marketplace launches.

Mintology is a cryptocurrency exchange that uses Ethereum smart contract technology to mint and sell NFTs. The ERC-721 standard is used to manufacture NFTs. To comply with this standard, an NFT must have a tokenID uint256 variable. As a result, a globally unique variable must be created to prevent two NFTs from having the same ID. Furthermore, duplicating an NFT is theoretically impossible. This contrasts with traditional marketplaces and social networks like Instagram and Spotify, where if a user uploads an image or a song, there is no decentralised, unique identifier that ties that asset to their identity—meaning that anyone can replicate it indefinitely, and the centralised providers can delete it at any time.

Whether it’s a plot of virtual land on Mars or a simple snapshot, NFTs are merely a digital representation of an item that, like other assets, will have value if there is demand for it. The digital and physical worlds are becoming increasingly entwined, and NFTs are yet another example of this convergence. Mintology is using a curated marketplace to democratise NFTs and cultivate quality in the new digital economy, empowering creators.

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