Musician NFT Projects, Ranked by How Many F’s I Can Give

Source | Vulture

 NFTs have taken the music world by storm over the past few weeks 

As much as I wish the word NFT would remain out of my vocabulary forever, a deluge of artists have had other plans. NFTs have taken the music world by storm over the past few weeks — right alongside the fine-art collecting worldfashion world, and every other for-profit industry you’d expect —with everyone from the usual suspects like Grimes to washed-up rockers like Kings of Leon selling art and music as non-fungible tokens. Because of them, I’ve had to learn that the word fungible means interchangeable (and has nothing to do with mushrooms), so a non-fungible token is basically an exclusive item. Except that when Kings of Leon released their new album When You See Yourself as an NFT on March 5, I could also stream it right on Spotify, which seemed pretty fungible to me.

Aphex Twin | NFT Art


Acid House | Collectible NFTs

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