Mythical Games :’ Playable NFTs Unlock a New Universal Economy, Increasing Value of Digital Collectibles Through Gameplay

Source | Market Screener

Collect, Upgrade and Sell Playable NFTs for Cash or Crypto; Alpha Phase of Peer-to-Peer NFT Marketplace Announced, Bolstered by New Hires Stoyan Stoyanov, Matt Nutt and Cristina Lee

Mythical Games, a next-generation technology studio creating universal gaming ecosystems around playable NFTs, led by industry veterans and former executives from Activision, Oculus, EA and Zynga, today announced the Alpha phase of its proprietary Marketplace. Mythical’s Marketplace will facilitate peer-to-peer sales of playable NFTs from Blankos Block Party, an open-world multiplayer party game with an emphasis on player-designed levels. A new video released by Mythical provides a small preview of the Marketplace’s functionality: 

Blankos Block Party offers NFTs with utility in a AAA game experience; with playable NFTs, collectors take an active role in increasing the value of their digital vinyl toys by leveling them up, competing in special events and more.


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