Naomi Osaka Launches NFT Art on Basic.Space

Source | HypeBeast

“The Colors of Naomi Osaka” is a collection of works showcasing the many shades of Naomi’s personality

The latest athlete to enter into the NFT space is young, tennis legend, Naomi Osaka. Together with Mari Osaka, the sister duo are set to debut an exclusive set of NFT art pieces on Basic.Space.

The collection titled, “The Colors of Naomi Osaka” features powerful pieces of work by Mari, showcasing the many shades of Naomi’s personality and character through heartfelt bursts of color. Pieces from the collection are signed by both Mari and Naomi. Five of the artworks are sold in the traditional auction format, while the sixth will be won through a raffle at $5 USD per entry.

Naomi Osaka | NFT


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