NFT Global Conference Scheduled on March 30


The NFT Global Conference is happening at the end of March

non-fungible token conference is on the horizon. Marketing agency, Crowdcreate is bringing together key players for the NFT Global Conference
The arrival of an NFT Conference speaks to the current explosion in interest in these tokens. As major sales of valuable NFTs climb, discussion on the industry and its future are all over social media. Panelists include startup founders, investors, artists, and celebrities. They will discuss the booming marketplace and its progress into the future. Some industry panelists include James Ferguson from Immutable, John Crain from SuperRare, Joel Comm from Bad Crypto, and various blockchain investors. The event kicks off on March 30 and is free to attend. However, there is limited capacity. Attendance is on a first-come-first-served basis. Topics on the table include what are NFTs, the growth of the NFT industry, what is working/what is not, the technology supporting the NFT industry,  barriers to wider adoption, and the Future of NFT


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