NFT Metaverse for Auto Enthusiasts Coming Soon

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Kuruma NFT Launching Premier Marketplace for Automobiles

The metaverse of automobiles has arrived. Kuruma NFT Inc. will launch an NFT platform in which users will be able to purchase, sell, and trade NFTs in a dedicated online setting known as the “Autoverse.”

Kuruma will provide a digital metaverse with an automotive focus to capitalise on the growing trend of NFTs while providing a convenient and exciting way for car enthusiasts to live, own, and share their digital lives, thanks to the recent emergence of NFTs as a decentralised form of digital ownership.

Kuruma has already started collaborating with big and small businesses, as well as well-known artists, to bring one-of-a-kind NFTs to its sites in the form of photography, artwork, and other mediums.

“At Kuruma, we have decades of experience in the automotive media industry. This will be crucial as we seek to create a really dynamic and devoted NFT arena, using the fantastic relationships we’ve already built with businesses and personalities “ Taro Koki, President of Kuruma NFT Inc., noted.

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In other industries, such as mainstream sports, where a digital collage of an NFL player was auctioned for nearly $73 million, NFTs have already made an impact. NFT revenues totalled $10.3 billion in the third quarter of this year. According to, which records NFT sales, the entire volume on the Ethereum blockchain for 2021 has hit $7 billion.

Phase One of Kuruma’s endeavour will be powered by Spores Network, a metaverse media corporation that combines an NFT marketplace and game publishing platform to mobilise content creators across the art, games, and entertainment verticals. 


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