NFT Open Competition for NFT Creative Awards

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Global NFT Competition Open to All Creatives

The NFT Creative Awards are now taking entries from the world’s most inventive, creative, and capable NFT creators. Anyone is welcome to submit NFTs. The objective of the NFT Creative Awards is to identify and connect the outstanding works with the relevant collectors and audiences. Simultaneously, NFT Creative Awards is a patron, launching the first community museum and award marketplace, completing the NFT ecosystem and making it available across all platforms. The NFT Creative AwardsTM provide an opportunity for established and emerging artists to develop their status as NFT artists and innovators in the already crowded NFT sector.

NFTs from all over the world will be judged by an international jury of experts from diverse creative professions. The jury committee is made up of top independent designers, artists, curators, collectors, art educators, journalists, critics, photographers, filmmakers, music producers, and musicians, all of whom are committed to excellence in their disciplines. The Jury will honour the most excellent NFTs in the areas of abstract, architecture, collectibles, fashion, film, food, games, music, pop, sport, trading cards, video/animation, virtual worlds, and visual arts.

When judging entries, they’ll seek for truly excellent artists and creatives who are creating truly desirable and amazing NFTs, as well as the highest creative standards and trends. Farmani Group launched the NFT Creative AwardsTM in partnership with Marcelo von Schwartz, architect, filmmaker, and Creative Director of MANIFESTO Co., to highlight great creative NFT design and promote the winning creators to a global audience and collectors.

NFT creators and collectors from all around the world can participate in the NFT Creative Awards, which are compatible with all Platforms, Marketplaces, and Cryptocurrencies.

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