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Look Labs Launched Digital Fragrance, Cyber Eau de Parfum

Germany-based beauty design company, Look Lab, recently unveiled the world’s first digital fragrnace dubbed Cyber Eau de Parfum. Created by Sean Caruso, a Canadian artist, the brand is leveraging the power of blockchain technology with scent that has been encoded into ten limited-edition NFT art pieces.

Commenting on the digital fragrance, Caruso said: “For the NFT, I was inspired by the original packaging and bottle of the Cyber Eau de Parfum. I wanted a photorealistic render of the bottle with the illuminated label and the NIR data represented as a colorful spectrogram, as a contrast to the Gigeresque styled platter.”

The physical Cyber fragrance will be available in limited quantities beginning April 11th, 2021 through Look Lab’s platform.

NFT Perfume | Look Labs


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