NFTs Are Changing the Music Industry Right Before Our Eyes

Source | One37pm

Audio NFTs, Tokenized Communities and The Unstoppable Power of web3

An NFT by electronic musician Jacques Greene recently sold on Foundation for 13ETH — over $23,000 US. The audio-visual clip teases out a few seconds of an unreleased song of his called ‘Promise’. But this purchase is for more than just the artwork itself. As Jacques writes, “this NFT represents not only a 1of1 AV but the publishing rights to the song upon its release, in perpetuity.” Now this, to me, is an incredibly exciting thing to see. And not only because Jacques and I are both musicians and both from Montreal. But because this is one more early example that nudges us ever closer to the following hypothesis: That we are at the beginning of a massive overhaul of this thing we’ve collectively decided to call the “music industry”. And that every facet of said industry will feel the aftershocks of this tectonic shift. NFT Music


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