NFTs give artists the chance to reverse their extinction

Source | Business Insider

The NFT craze continues, and it could change the art world.

The acronym, which stands for “non-fungible token,” is a digital file that’s tradable by blockchain. It shot to fame and prominence in March when a visual artist called Beeple sold “Everydays: the First 5000 Days,” a digital collage of images, for $69.3 million at auction. It was the third-highest price ever paid at any auction for a work by a living artist, according to The Washington Post. Not even a Titian or a Raphael has sold for that much. 

Now, more artists are trying to get in on the action, reported The Wall Street Journal’s Kelly Crow. Everyone from well-known artists like Damien Hirst to lesser-known artists like Michah Dowbak are looking to sell NFT art.


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