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Artistes Can Sell Future Royalties via NFT’s

There have been plenty of headlines in 2021 about musicians selling Non-Fungible Tokens for millions of dollars. UnitedMasters’ recent cooperation with Coinbase, which allows indie musicians to be paid in cryptocurrency, is noteworthy.

One of the first movers in this industry was Opulous, which specialised in tokenised music assets, specifically NFTs that give clients a portion of a song’s or recording’s future royalty profits. After starting in February with the co-founder of distribution and services platform Ditto Music, Opulous (now known as BlueBox) conducted the first ever split music copyright sale by artists utilising NFTs.

Since then, Opulous, which is built on the Algorand blockchain, has raised millions of dollars and forged partnerships with industry heavyweights such as Binance and Republic, leading to collaborations with artists such as Lil Pump and Lil Yachty.

There’s a lot of speculation about who will be the next big-name musician to partner with Opulous. Whoever it is, they have over 40 million monthly listeners, according to reports. The CEO of Opulous is bullish about the quality of musicians and investors who have joined the company, expecting that it will become “the biggest music platform since Spotify.”

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