Original ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ Meme Sells As NFT For $400,000 / 200 ETH

Source | BroBible

Remember Overly Attached Girlfriend, the meme that went mega-viral in 2012 during the peak era of Impact Font memes?

Of course you do. That meme was everywhere in 2012, including on this very site. It’s an early social media meme worthy of induction in the Meme Hall Of Fame.

The screencap came from a song called “Girlfriend”, made as a fan response by a YouTube creator called Laina Morris in response to a contest held by Justin Bieber while promoting the song “Boyfriend”. As a response to the themes of the Bieber song, the video makes fun of a clingy, overly-attached girlfriend who Facebook stalks her boyfriend.

The image macro of Lania, the originator of the meme, went mega viral after Justin Bieber responded to it in a video about the contest. She later appeared on Jimmy Fallon and launched a career as a YouTube creator, building a YouTube following with over 1.27 million followers and famously going viral again by doing the Overly Attached Girlfriend character as a spin on Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, called “Call Me Crazy“.


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