Paragon Drops & Sells 3000 NFTs on Binance

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Metaverse Project Paragon’s NFTs Sold in 24hrs

Paragon, a metaverse endeavour, just sold 3000 created NFTs on the Binance platform, the world’s largest exchange. Paragon is a metaverse project that creates NFTs with randomly given character qualities for users to engage with metaverse ecosystem components. By acting as building blocks, Paragon’s NFTs aim to allow users to use their imagination to develop games within the Paragon metaverse.

The first 3000 NFTs on the market sold out in less than 24 hours, which is a remarkable accomplishment. Paragon’s goal is to create a universe where players can make whatever they wish. By purchasing the Paragon NFT on the Binance marketplace, players can gain experience in the Paragon metaverse, which will translate into distinct perks once they begin battling it out on the battlefield.

“Paragon” is based on the “DND” game, in which players take on the role of virtual world explorers. Smart contracts provide the freedom and synergy that Paragon, a blockchain-based platform, delivers. The structure is provided by Paragon, but the remainder of the gameplay is left to the imagination of its community.

Because Paragon is built on the BSC, one of the world’s cheapest and fastest blockchains, it has a minimal transaction fee participation cost. Paragon has been termed the “Ethereum of NFTs” in some circles, a reference to Ethereum’s scalability over Bitcoin’s. Players can submit code to Github or motions to the DAO to develop games on Paragon. For the next stage of its development, Paragon will also benefit from Binance’s support in terms of technology, development, and other resources.

Paragon NFT

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