PHY Token Gives Investors Access to NFT-Marketplace

Source | FinanceBrokerage

The platform is an interesting startup, which will consist of liquidity pools. According to the company, these Pools will collect deposited underlying assets from liquidity providers and, after that, host them on platforms to earn interest.

Physalis develops various products, such as Yield farms, token analyzer, and NFT marketplace. The Physalis ecosystem includes all these products. Its team plans to integrate a system of Physalis buyback from the market using the profit that the company’s developments will bring.

However, Physalis decided to create its own token to aid it in achieving its goals. Investors will be able to buy PHY tokens during the initial coin offering from April 4. They would have to trade Ethereum in exchange, though. Currently, the PHY token’s price became listed as 0.025 ETH in ICO. But the price will likely increase in the future. Thus far, a total of 58000 PHY are for the initial sale.


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