RCFC Launch Asian Football’s First NFT


Resources Capital Drop Asian Football NFT

Resources Capital, a Hong Kong Premier League club, has announced an auction for their non-fungible tokens, making them the first Asian football club to do so. It’s happening on both OpenSea and the recently formed HK Football NFT website, which is a Chinese-language site dedicated to NFTs for Hong Kong football clubs. Collectors can bid on 121 NFTs for the Hong Kong Premier League team, according to a release from Resources Capital and OliveX.

Football NFT

The Lam “Legendary Card” winner will also receive a year’s worth of Resources Capital home game tickets, while anyone who collects all of the NFTs will receive an autographed shirt and the opportunity to train with the team. On the Ethereum blockchain, the Lam “Legendary Card” began trading for 1 Ethereum (US$3,482.65), with all NFTs recorded. Bids increase by 5% above the previous highest bid. The item had already received a bid of 1.05 Ethereum (US$3655) at time of posting.

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