Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Launches The MaskVerse


Fox’s First Venture into NFT’s with The Masked Singer

Fox launched The MaskVerse, an NFT game and collection based on The Masked Singer, yesterday. Fox has expressed interest in producing NFT tie-ins in the past, but this one concentrates on a community aspect that we’ve seen in other NFT ventures. 

According to statements, the show’s first NFT, which will be free and grant “exclusive access” to the MaskVerse’s Discord platform, took place on Wednesday (accompanied by an episode of The Masked Singer). Following that, fans can purchase NFTs to begin their collections, and Fox will launch a game in November that allows users to vote on what happens to the game show’s competitors. You’ll be able to buy even rarer NFT bundles if you guess correctly.

The MaskVerse

According to Fox, people will be able to trade or sell their NFTs halfway through The Masked Singer’s season to finish their collections. According to the MaskVerse FAQ, obtaining all of the “Common Masks” will grant you access to even more exclusive digital items as well as the opportunity to win real-life prizes (and, presumably, some extra clout in the Discord).

The NFTs will be available to buy with credit cards or PayPal at first, but Fox assures that cryptocurrency support will be introduced “soon.” If you wish to learn more about the company’s blockchain technology, the FAQ has a lot of information.

Fox has showed interest in creating show-based NFTs in the past, even forming a company called Blockchain Creative Labs to do so. Krapopolis, a show created by Dan Harmon, co-creator of Rick and Morty, and “chosen exclusively on the Blockchain,” was previously announced. The MaskVerse looks to be Fox’s effort to exploit a famous show to get people interested in NFT trading rather than focused on posting content and associated goods on the blockchain.

The MaskVerse

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