Scammer Cons NFT Collectors Out of $140,000


Con Artist Known As Iconics Steals Six Figure Sum

A scammer posing as a 17-year-old 3D artist has conned NFT collectors from tens of thousands of dollars. As part of an NFT project called Iconics, an unidentified person who presented himself as a young 3D artist, stated his intention to mint 8,000 non-fungible tokens. They were all supposed to be 3D renders of one-of-a-kind busts, 14 of which he supposedly displayed on his personal Discord channel as proof of concept. Nobody could have predicted what the con artist had in mind.

Before hiding the entire collection of NFT sculptures, the author offered a pre-sale of 2,000 NFT’s for a price of 0.5 SOL. The total proceeds from the sale was 1,000 Solana tokens, which are currently valued over $142,000 at the Huobi crypto exchange rate. The community, on the other hand, was quite enthusiastic about the initial idea, and a first batch of 2,000 NFT were soon sold out after the sale began.

Con Artist Known As Iconics Steals Six Figure Sum

Customers were astonished to find assemblages of random emojis when they expected to receive the non-fungible tokens they had purchased when they dropped. Customers who bought one of the 2,000 NFTs were given emoji sets, which the con artist collected  for free. Some clients bulk bought tokens in the hopes of collecting a full set of 3d art. On Twitter, those collectors are now saying that they are looking for someone to buy a “unique chunk of emoji” with Solana tokens.

One of the first to announce that the project’s author was sketchy is @SOLBigBrain, who covers new NFT activities on the Solana blockchain on a daily basis. Later, he shared a GitHub link with a list of Iconics-mined identification numbers. When representatives from @WaifuDAOSolana learned of the incident, they announced that 1,000 Waifu-NFT will be sent to help the victims. To check for Iconics-related transactions, customers merely need to attach their Phantom cryptocurrency wallet address.

Meanwhile, the donors started a Discord channel to talk about the issue, and other members of the bitcoin community advised them to submit formal FBI reports.

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