Super TP Bros Drop 3,333 NFT Collectibles


Get Super Toilet Paper Bros NFT That Prints on Toilet Roll

Super Toilet Paper Bros introduced its NFT platform last Friday (October 22nd). They’ll also be introducing the world’s first Crypto Utility, which will allow you to print your NFT designs on toilet paper and have it delivered to your door!

They will make an exclusive Ultra High Definition digital collection of 3,333 NFT digital Toilet Paper available to the general public. This collection also includes 13 ‘Super Rare’ NFTs, which will be the most valuable and sought after. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing a variety of artistic Toilet paper rarity qualities, ranging from common to ultra rare, are included in the STPB collection.

Each STPB NFT is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, synced to the platform for selling or trading, and comes with complete ownership and commercial rights. STPB is a wholly digital arthouse that offers a diverse range of crypto collectibles created by over a dozen internationally renowned and experienced digital artists, including its founding team, which has already sold out three record-breaking NFT projects in 2021.


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