SuperWorld Teams Up With Disaster Fighters For NFT Augmented Reality Social Impact Project

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Caribbean Disaster Fighters and SuperWorld’s NFT Campaign

SuperWorld, an Augmented Reality (AR) virtual world, today announced an NFT social impact partnership with Disaster Fighters, a campaign launched by the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDMA) and supported by the World Bank.

In anticipation of hurricane season, Disaster Fighters and SuperWorld are releasing a series of collectible NFT cards depicting each Caribbean country, which may be purchased on the SuperWorld NFT Salon, an online marketplace for art, collectibles, and digital assets. All NFT sales can be tracked from the buyer to the country that benefits, thanks to blockchain technology, with all earnings going to CDEMA and local emergency organisations.

Elizabeth Riley, Executive Director of CDEMA, adds, “Many Caribbean countries have been battling the compound impacts of drought, COVID-19, volcanic eruptions and now the impending hurricane season. With this campaign, we wanted to use an innovative, inclusive approach to ensure that communities are empowered with the necessary plans, information and tools to tackle the disaster impacts that we as a region have been facing.”

By purchasing these collectibles, local residents, as well as fans of the Caribbean and members of the diaspora, may actively engage in the region’s fight against disasters and give immediate funding in the event of a natural disaster.

“I’m honored to see SuperWorld take part in such a broad-ranging and critical initiative,” says Hrish Lotlikar, SuperWorld Co-Founder and CEO. “Supporting communities in times of crisis aligns perfectly with our mission to build a better world, and our hope is that the NFT drop will help raise both funds and awareness to help mitigate the effects of the hurricane season in the Caribbean.”

Daren Sammy (Saint Lucia), Mr. Killa (Grenada), Tafa Mi Soleil (Haiti), Omari Banks (Anguilla), Kiernan Powell (St. Kitts and Nevis), Dwayne DJ Bravo, Darren Ganga, and Stacy Ann King (Trinidad), among others, have banded together to support the curriculum through public awareness campaigns.

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