The crypto art community is having a sustainability reckoning

Source | NBC News

A debate has broken out in some parts of the art world over blockchain technology and its environmental impact. Others are looking for a better way

Blockchain technology’s many features have made it a hit in the art world, most notably the ability to stop forgeries and give artists a cut of future sales.

But one of blockchain’s less heralded features has caused something of a rift in the art world: its carbon footprint.

Crypto art, which had been viewed as a space for artists seeking stronger resale rights and protections from copyright infringement, as well as a more inclusive scene than traditional art world institutions, is at the center of a fiery debate over its impact on the environment. And many in the community are heeding the call to abolish existing processes for greener alternatives.  

“Every single artist that I’ve spoken to doesn’t want to destroy the environment,” said Stuart Campbell, an Australian artist who goes by Sutu. “That’s a great place to come to the conversation at.”


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