The Unstoppable Crypto Wallet Alliance


Unstoppable Domains Announce New Crypto Alliance 

Unstoppable Domains and 30 of the world’s most popular wallets, including Trust Wallet, imToken, BRD Wallet, and MyEtherWallet have formed an alliance. The Wallet Alliance is a non-profit organisation that brings together crypto wallets to make peer-to-peer crypto transactions easier and eliminate the silos that exist in traditional payment systems. 

These .wallet usernames will be able to replace long alphanumeric crypto wallet addresses. Making it easier than ever to move 275+ coins and tokens between a rising number of apps, wallets, and exchanges. Rather than going through your phone, computer, or notebook to find your crypto wallet address, you simply give them your customised ‘Crypto.wallet‘ address.

unstoppable domains

Over 100,000 .wallet NFT domains have already been purchased from the Unstoppable Domains website. We’re huge fans of the company and own a small portfolio of domains. You can purchase various Blockchain Domains from the website other than .wallet. 

The founding members of the .wallet Alliance include: imToken, MyEtherWallet, BRD, Cake Wallet, Birdchain, Litewallet, 1inch, Nimiq Wallet, OWNR Wallet, Digifox, Klever, CoinFlip, ArcBlock (DID Wallet), Portis Wallet, Elastos Essentials, Iotex (ioPay Wallet), Bitinka, Avalanche Wallet, Mercuryo, Bacoor / HB Wallet, Trust Wallet, HASH Wallet, Xumm,, Lobstr, Throughbit, Chipper Cash, and Wombat.

Unstoppable Domains

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