The week in NFTs, ranked

Source | The Verge

It’s another day in 2021, and so of course it’s another day where someone, somewhere is launching an NFT in hopes of making a ton of easy money. This week’s NFT launches were headlined by some big names — M.I.A., Tfue, Spike Jonze — and collectively posed the question: can you still, nearly a month after Beeple’s blockbuster NFT sale at Christie’s, make a stupid amount of cash off these things in part by being in the right place at the right time?

The answer, it seems, is mostly yes. And several of this week’s NFT creators were clearly here for just that possibility. Not that this NFT thing was always the exclusive realm of fine art — I present to you this golden Pringles can that raises its eyebrows at you as if to say come and try me — but there’s a clear feeling of function (making money) over form (being a piece of artwork) with some of these latest projects.


Unstoppable Domains