This Startup Wants to Put an NFT Gallery on Your Wall

Source | Decrypt

With art collectors paying tens of millions of dollars for NFT art, suddenly there’s a desire to show off these luxury items in the comfort of their own homes

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are selling at outrageous prices. From the sale of the first-ever tweet at $2 million to a collection of art for $69 million, there’s plenty of money flowing about.

With the influx of big money, and increasing attention from the legacy art world, these unique digital tokens are well on the way to being considered luxury items. But unlike traditional art, there’s no easy way to display them in the real world. Sure, you can log in to your digital wallet and see them on your computer—but is that experience worth a million dollars? Crypto startup Qonos has built its business on the notion that there’s a better way.

Qonos Digital Frame


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